World Green Economy Organization Initiated By Mohammed Bin Rashid

Organizers of UAE’s first world green economy organization, launched on October 5th, 2016, say that it will start a culture of green economy in the country, the region and also around the world. This Dubai based organization is started by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who is also the vice president and PM of Dubai. In the field of green economy, it will provide financial, moral and technical support and it also aims to be a primary reference for green sector entities doing research associated with clean energy, human protection and the environment.


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WEGO has been formed through initiative and support of Dubai government partnered by United Nations Development Programme. The PM has stated that WEGO will be supported by several countries and global organizations. It will turn out to be impressive for membership applying. According to UNDP, UAE has set an example for other nations, also that leadership like this is needed in every country.

The ministry of Climate change & Environment is working to achieve 27% renewable energy level by 2021 to meet UAE’s commitment to Paris Agreement. This formation is a crucial step to reach UN’s sustainable Development Goals 2030. Making sure of a global cooperative effort, is the key to facilitate the change to a green economy.


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The vice chairman of Dubai supreme council of energy & CEO of Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) praised Sheikh Mohammed for the creation of green economy organization for providing the vision to help thus enhancing Dubai’s position as the global capital of the green economy.

The summit addressed the UAE’s commitment to the Paris Agreement to restrict the increase in global temperatures to 1.5 degree Celsius, under the theme “Driving the Global Green Economy.

2016 summit theme is ‘Driving Global Green Economy’ to promote Dubai’s top position as a universal capital of green economy and an example to follow in achieving high yardsticks of energy efficiency and development of the renewable energy share for the greater good of all nations of the world, and to keep in line with the best global sustainable practices.


Picture Courtesy: www.wam.ae

Dubai Declaration delivered in the first green economy summit in last year to help promote its place as a global capital of green economy and sustainable development. Dubai continues to work on the same to raise key issues like clean energy.

The large audience was told that efforts are under way by initiatives such as the Solar Park to meet the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050 which demands Dubai’s 7% energy from clean sources by the year 2020, 25% by 2030 and 75% by 2050.


Picture Courtesy: emirates247.com

International Renewable Energy Agency’s director General Adnan Z Amin said the world welcomes strong & dedicated green plans such as those advanced by Dubai will meet the rising demand for energy in the years to come, globally.

In this trend, UAE has been a pioneer, noting that Dubai has been recorded for lowest-priced solar energy production hour the year 2016, per kilowatt which is helping to discourage future use of fossil fuels.

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