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Will Expo 2020 will help in Falling Property Price?

A lack of interest of investors will be the huge threat to Dubai’s real estate in 2016, property values continue dropping. A recovery of the market could be delayed, there is less capital obtainable for investment in finalized units and less money to spread around, there will be an effect on property prices as well. Many developers organizing the timing of their project launches in 2016, these are fact that will need to be reviewed carefully.

Master-developers with big pockets can get away with taking a prolonged term view, but mid-tier developers will face problems.  They will need quick sales to redeem their investments, last year property prices dropped by 12.7%

Most of the investors are eager on picking up completed mid-market properties; buyers will leave many dependent on the banks. That lift the question of whether banks will be able to maintain much needed liquidity.

House-price growth appears to be slowing down, with the lowest market likely to happen at the end of 2016.

That value for both apartments and villas going down by 0.8 and 0.5 %, the domain is expected to witness a 3 to 5 % dip in housing prices over the next one year. Infrastructure investments projected around the rising Expo 2020 will boost the rate of new households designed. From the top end of the market, the big majority of residential sub-markets have seen no change in prices this year. This is partly associated to the constant appeal of apartments. Buyers to bypass some of the demanding lending criteria and also possibly avert the need for a contract altogether.

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