Drone Prix Dubai


Virtual Reality in Drone Prix Dubai 2016

Drone racing sounds like future sport that, but it is coming to Dubai this month on March 11 and 12 at Skydive Dubai. With 32 best pilots from around the globe will race for the win over Dubai 2016 in two days thrilling competition.

Picture Courtesy: www.startribune.com

Omar Al Olama, secretary general of event organizer World Organization of Racing Drones said in a statement that we are thrilled and extremely proud to have the local and international competitor’s race in Dubai, and are looking forward to introduce a new sport to the public that is open to participants of all ages.

Drone Prix Dubai

Picture Courtesy: www.independent.co.uk

Virtual Reality is great innovation to the industry where we can get new experience that has not been experienced before, virtual reality is used to control the drones which are robotic fliers racing against each other in high-speed competition. Drones are controlled by an operator who wears virtual reality glasses.

While most of the companies are unaware of virtual reality, Own A Space is the first one to launch virtual reality in the real-estate market. With 360 degree panoramic photos, a buyer can have a new property buying experience. It creates an artificial environment that the user beliefs and accepts, it as a real environment.

Drone Prix Dubai

Picture Courtesy: www.drones.nl

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