Virtual Reality Can Help Going Real For Project Design

Framed with limited number of resources, project teams are constrained in the number of designs options they explore before going ahead. Considering half art and half science is a challenge for designing a successful estimate.

They are expected to blend together the quantities along with hard and subjective data, forecast the up and down in prices of materials, levels of output for a particular subcontractor, identifying the bitter weather conditions, size risk premium, judging the amount of profit to target, etc.

If the projects have unlimited time to build same estimate, an ideal forecast for each factor which affects the cost, how would this change the success of their bid? Such reality might not be that far, delivered through a mix of below mentioned trends of technology.

1 – Infinite computing in the cloud

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Picture Courtesy: wayerclouds.com

Cloud computing is capable to rent on-demand and huge amounts of processing power which is known as Infinite Computing. With a power like this, the number of design possibilities that can be tried in a given time span increases vastly.

Project teams can use this as an example for getting closer to the real estate client, the business plan of whom identifies the chance to allow 15,000 square meters of high end office spaces.

2 – Generative design

Through the use of smart algorithms, generative designs imitate the natural approach to design. These algorithms provide a radical approach to solve the issues since they are unbiased about good design. To begin with end results, these tools support the designers to explore solutions and how they optimize.

3 – Big data and predictive analytics

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Picture Courtesy: greenzoneinc.com

Big data is being used extensively in finance and retail sector. In current scenario, construction is happening to a large amount of highly structured, high-integrity information, especially through the BIM process which creates a new discipline ‘Construction Intelligence’ to predict the future. Exploring for patterns across projects, together with other data channels can help a contractor to look for early signs of worry in supply chain till the better way to optimize cash flows and other things.

Wise investment

Augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) are forcing those designs back out in to the real-world for evaluation regarding to committing before, with several evaluations to showcase the affect of a proposed design. Spending time to understand the affects of this new era and watching out for practical and feasible ways to harness these trends of technology is likely to be a wise investment.

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