Top 5 clues while moving houses in Dubai

Dubai rents will reduce more in 2017 with 20,000+ new homes entering the market, as per the prediction of the brokers. Fall in the rents will stimulate several young professionals & families of Dubai to move over to a location with better amenities & access. Moving houses are dreaded by most in Dubai, as it is a huge & expensive idea.


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The big mistake that people make while shifting is spending in excess on refurnishing apartments with new furniture & interior. People can save money by buying second-hand items of the household from certain websites. They have quality control process before ads appear so that the audience can opt from a wide range of affordable products for their homes.

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 Comfortable household products can be shopped for without breaking the bank or compromising quality. Save your money with opting for furniture & electronics, a new 4 seater sofa set from a known retailer is available at Dh2675. A 2-year-old high-quality sofa set is also there for Dh550, thus saving the buyer Dh2,125.


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Shoppers can benefit from over 1000 products like ovens, television, washing machine and refrigerators. Other miscellaneous products like kids bicycle and baby pram will save many dirhams of the buyer because website listings are much lower than the actual. Free delivery at home and quality check before approving the transaction options are also provided by the website which makes shifting homes a lot easier on most of the pockets.

Top Five Tips for Saving the Costs while Moving

1 – Get numerous quotes.

2 – Move when the companies have less incoming jobs which are early in the week so that you can negotiate on a better price with movers.

3 – Stay aware of the unprofessional movers as they ask freelancers which don’t receive sufficient pay from their company. When it gets over, you find out that few items are damaged.

4 – Make use of coupons for taking moving service.

5 – Do not purchase supplies for packing. For the cartons, ask your friend, relatives, and employers. Supermarkets and liquor stores can help you as they have plenty of them.

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