Things to Look Out for When Buying Commercial Space in Dubai

Dubai’s positive growth robust economy has especially because of the strong sectors like retail, commercial and residential real estate, hospitality, tourism, logistics, etc. Because of growth in the trades, commercial real estate has gained impetus.

Dubai customs are reporting that non-oil has registered 6.1% of growth rate in last five years. Dubai industrial strategy is focusing on promoting manufacturing thus energizing the sector, further increasing the demand for logistics facilities and office space.

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Being the central hub for trade and transport, Dubai is connecting east and west, thereby giving space to high growth markets in south Asia and Africa. These are among the top choices for MNC’s who are trying to form their regional headquarters.

Expo 2020 preparations are going on in Dubai and has energized commercial property sector there. Positive queries regarding seeking business establishment and expansion can be seen. There are plenty of foreign investors who would like to form a basis for expansion of the operations as Dubai provides a gateway to new markets in the Middle East and Africa.

Investment Park Dubai has witnessed a significant growth in infrastructure development. However, commercial space demand is high because of its proximity to the city and high ROI.

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Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai are most sought for retail space and getting high ROI. The nearby areas are highly preferred for office space because of its close proximity to business centers in the city. Both of these places are linked to Dubai metro and Dubai’s public transport. ROI is a factor to see for when choosing commercial real estate in Dubai. With this, several other factors need to be considered for buying decision. Considerations regarding this are researching for more knowledge about the location, developer and the project.

Buying decision should be evaluated on the basis of whether it is an investment or for personal business utility. Potential customers should also keep in mind the payment methods available and try to negotiate for managing their cash flow, particularly when invested for personal use.

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The kind of license of commercial end user and the nature of business activity must be considered for all the projects. The areas which offer maximum exposure for one’s business need to be chosen. Several businesses today shifts in bespoke office design as per their brand values, identity and outlook. With the vision kept in mind of the future growth, the space needed for the business should be selected. It is preferable to invest in larger areas which help in achieving efficiencies of scale.

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