Things to Look for while Moving Houses in Dubai

Summer is an ideal time for the people who want to move within the city. This process when can’t plan can get stressful. Follow the following steps to be able to stay organized while the process of moving.

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  • Stay in contact with the moving companies that have got a license. They need two weeks before you start to move. Compare the rates and services before finalizing a provider.
  • Your current water, telephone and gas connections should be informed before a week in advance. Don’t forget to contact providers for your new home connections.
  • Some communities and apartments in Dubai require tenants moving in and out to get permits. Some need to submit a contract of tenancy and service fees has to be paid. For avoiding delays in moving, ensure that you and your landlord are clear of any outstanding charges.

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  • While moving out, restore your old home into the new, in its original condition, which means getting it cleaned & painted. If you don’t leave it like this, the landlord has the right to withhold a portion of the deposit.
  • Make sure your moving service provider labels all your boxes which make it easy for you to set up later in your new home. Take small bags having the things you need for first few days in your new home.
  • During packing, you realize that you don’t need things that you no longer use. Put up a sale of your stuff that you don’t use if you have time. You can also hold a small garage or put it up on online apps. For the ones you either don’t want to sell and don’t want to keep, consider a storage facility where you can keep it. It will be safe and secure.
  • After you painted your place and moved out, ensure your full deposit. If you are giving back your home in the same condition as you get it, then no charges should be withheld.
  • If there are children with you, involve them from the start in the process. For instance, give them a box and ask them to fill it with their toys and belongings. For making it less stressful for them, hire a babysitter for a day or two for moving.

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Make sure you tick each task on this list as you achieve it. This will help give you an idea of how productive you become. This agenda will also let you avoid unpleasant experiences like entering into a new home without any connections for power, water, etc.

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