Technology is the Driving Force which works for Home Buyers

Integrated home automation gets more dominant by offering energy saving, safety & greater efficiency.

Whether it is hyper loop trains or test runs of driverless cars, sophisticated drones causing chaos at the airport or anything else, one cannot avoid the swift of technology getting main stream. Now maybe people never leave their house without a selfie stick or nostalgically miss the sound of dial up from a broadband. But whichever side you are on, let’s admit that everyday lives of us have become smart.


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Given the key premise of smart technology is to improve quality of life, it makes sense that smart life is one of the rapidly growing areas to evolve from the ongoing trend. Studies around the world finalizes that technology is the key motivator for property investors and buyers for home as they prioritize for personal security & functionality.

Fancy gadgets & integrated home automation is establishing its name, not only for the rich-as they offer superior energy saving, security & efficiency. The house of the near future looks quite illuminating – getting your news on the mirror every morning, locking the door using Bluetooth which has identity recognition, have sensor automated lights, self regulated temperature control & a super smart fridge which sends you message when you are running out of anything.


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UAE might be categorized into a young country but it has simulated its own meteoric rise from desert to the modern cosmopolitan metropolitan by innovating consistently with collaborative attitudes. Dubai was brave enough to embrace the challenge of creating a smart city with technological advancements, having abundance that witnessed a catapult up in the global innovation rankings list.

The plan for 2021 is focused on creating smart & inclusive city which is preferred place to work, visit & live in the world. This will be achieved by implementing futuristic & functional technology into daily lives because of the cooperation between public & private sectors.

Penetration of Mobile Devices

People are already witnessing some of the benefits of living in such a forward thinking city. Since Dubai stands among one of the highest mobile penetration rates in the world, it is helpful that almost all of the services of the city are available on mobile phones & is accessible via city’s extensive provisions of Wi-Fi.


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The world’s first 3D future office was printed and installed in only 19 days in May 2016 which was constructed from start to finish with 50% lower labor costs as compared to a similar sized non printed building would have incurred.

Downtown Dubai plays a host to the automated cars trials; we are witnessing more developments such as Jumeirah Central which utilizes cutting edge technologies for the construction, sociability, design & automation that will shape the success of these projects from the beginning.

It is not only the properties that are adapting themselves digitally. You can use your mobile to view properties for sale or rent , their reviews, see nearby schools or explore comprehensive area guides with digital gurus expect viewing a house in person in future no longer being a necessity.

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