Reasons why Studio is preferred to live in Dubai?

A burning question that many residents of Dubai real estate sector keep on asking is that building an asset or live comfortably which continues to have endless opportunities for a wide cross-section of a population. For an increasing number of young ones coming to work and settle in Dubai, the answer appears to be a no-brainer and small units are picking momentums in this demographic.


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It’s a logical choice for the residents to live in studios especially for those who want to build an asset but don’t have the means to purchase the large size apartments.

The strong demand on the other hand for studios in the rental market has also directed to high yield thereby propelling investors in this segment. A large number of studios and 1 BHK’s have been launched by the developers seeing the current market trends.


Picture Courtesy: www.ujjwalarya.com

According to the founder and chairman of Danube Group- the land permit on each plot differs for each community. When generalizing the projects, however, over 50 buildings will comprise studios and the rest is split among creatively designed 1 BHKS’s which can get converted into 2 BHKS’s and conventional ones.

Dubai is continuously developing as a global destination, and as it does, the cost of living in the prime locations is also increasing sharply making the small accommodations that are competitively priced, more attractive. The smart solution is needed to get settled in these areas allowing fitting more in less space- says Sajan, the owner of Danube Properties, a real estate development arm, building projects of a sizeable amount of studios. Not only the studios but one and two BHK’s are also attracting good demand.


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Studios when calculated on the basis of cost acquisition, comes at the highest price per square foot. However a significant part of the population involves bachelors who are working and couples without kids in the mid-segment category, demand remains strong.

Sajan further emphasizes that in mature markets, the affordable housing segment retains high demand. He further points out that it is quiet the challenging part of the market because consumers search for extra value for their money which can be difficult for the developers that are trying to keep the costs low.

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