Reasons Free Zones & Transparency are the Approach to UAE Realty

The approach to attract the foreign investment in real estate sectors of Abu Dhabi is by improving the market transparency and building the free zones.


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With increasing FDI in emirate which stands at 7% from last year, the government is trying to make efforts for improvised standards, opportunities and regulations thus motivating foreign companies & individuals to continue investing locally.

Cityscape Abu Dhabi Conference next month will discuss the support in creating new investment atmosphere. The event will be organized from 18th to 20th April at Abu Dhabi exhibition center.

Dubai has 25 free zones as compared to Abu Dhabi which has five. The idea of free zones needs further development to enhance the residential, commercial and warehouse real estate sectors of the capital.

The free zone concept in Dubai is on the advanced level for redressing the balance between 2 emirates. Abu Dhabi is required to develop it more aggressively and create additional ones for promoting their vision 2030, for it will attract more investment and employment as hubs of same activities gets created which generate a regulatory environment operating under low cost and more freedom.


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The current market is normal for any real estate industry across the world. It’s perfect time for the buyers looking for a property for long term investment. As the market will mature, the volatility of the sectors will reduce resulting into returns going stable and predictable will attract investors furthermore.

Partnership with the private sector is a guiding force for tourism growth strategy focusing on cultural, leisure and natural offerings. Zonal tourism model is implemented for increased attractions and experiences harmonized with area’s business, natural or geographical assets act as a catalyst for small and medium enterprises between international investors and local entrepreneurs.


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The Cityscape Abu Dhabi Conference will disclose the latest performance of each real estate sector for the first quarter of 2017 and discuss the suitable investment opportunities with core industry players. Abu Dhabi’s market has experienced a major upswing in the year 2013-2014 resulting from residential sales with prime prices rising at 25% p.a., the pace being unsustainable.

Cityscape event of Abu Dhabi will offer the perfect platform for investors to find opportunities across all price points in the area, as well as the latest international developments, as more than 130 exhibitors across the world will come together to showcase their latest projects.

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