Masdar City Soon to Witness Eco Villa Prototype

The pilot project of Masdar City’s Eco-Villa, integrating water and energy-saving technologies, has completed. At Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2017, it was announced that UAE national family is ready to living in the prototype sustainable dwelling.


Picture Courtesy: emirates247.com

It marked its launch in front of Sheikh Bin Mohammed Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE Energy Minister, Minister of State and Chairman of Masdar city. Energy Council head & Abu Dhabi’s Executive Council Member, CEO of Masdar, Abu Dhabi’s company of renewable energy.

According to Abu Dhabi’s urban Planning Council’s Pearl rating system, the 405 square meter eco villa is the first one to reach to 4 rating. Comparatively, it will use up to 72% less energy and 35% less water than a typical villa in Abu Dhabi, displacing an expected carbon dioxide of 63 tons per year.

The cost of a conventional home of the same size is as same as the cost of construction, the efficiency of its energy and water will also lower the running costs considerably.  A 97-kilowatt hour of electricity is expected to be consumed by a 4 bedroom property per square meter.

The prototype is adequate of supplying almost 40,000 KWH of electricity nationally, fully equipped with 87 rooftop solar panels. A further effect on the environment is reduced by a suite of passive energy and water saving design features.

The executive director of sustainable real estate sector of Masdar city, Yousef Baselaib says that the people assume the option of sustainable design to be costly but the eco-villa challenges this misconception.

The principles of sustainable urban development are in line with the eco-villa project i.e. in terms of cost efficiency, sensitivity to the environment and culturally appropriateness in its design and functionality. Because of its energy and water efficiency, residents will receive reduced bills power and water.


Picture Courtesy: www.arabianbusiness.com

Once a household moves in, Masdar’s team monitors the villa’s energy, water, and waste management performance. It shows that the sustainable design can be implemented as per the environment, social and economic demands of the gulf region.

Masdar City, the most sustainable and home to almost 300 full-time students of the Institute of Science & Technology have 2000 apartments under construction by third-party investors. The residential population of Masdar city because of this will be more than 3,500 people in the coming 3 years span of time.

Around 2,000 apartments are either under construction or in design through Masdar or third-party investors. This will bring the residential population at Masdar City to more than 3,500 people over the next three years.

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