Lively and Adaptable Home Designs which Amplify the Lifestyle

Adaptive layouts and design elements have been used extensively recently to improvise the convenience and lifestyle well-being this year, be it offices or home. People don’t want to remain fixed over one type of furniture but rather want to go with bold and experimental one which can be moved around in order to match with the changing surroundings, seasons and preferences of design, after-all grate designs are always appreciated in Real Estate sector.



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Velvet curtains and seating are trending nowadays. Long elegant fabric pieces are also used for dividing rooms which look like curtains. They are semi-sheer and lightweight & look like a net. Layering rugs are also options for people. Bold lighting with pastel shades goes with multifunction & modular furniture. Metallic accessories and innovative flower vase will remain common.

Wall colors

Wall colors

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Bold and moody tones are in trend for wall textures and colors. Green makes an attractive summer color and was embraced by people in UAE houses because it gets enough natural light and is considered to get required sunshine all along the year.  Set against other commonly used shades of furniture, it is a neutral as well.

This unique color adds a rejuvenating effect and at the same time exudes a sense of calm and peace which is the perfect blend for urban dwellers in any city.

Choosing textures cutting the boredom

Choosing textures cutting the boredom

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From televisions to Smartphones, sleek look and flat designs are growing in trend along with shinier and smooth surface. Though there is a market for these in interior design, rising trend of palpable textured finish like linen, wood and marble finish in wall paint are favorites of most of the people who fancy displaying their furniture in a dramatic setting. It’s the texture which makes the style statement and color remains neutral.

Texture also matters in sofa cushions and furniture. The feel it gives and the touch it provides the visitor the first impression. People get savvy with it while choosing the fabric. For expressive sofa fabrics, velvets and shiny leather work well.



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Versatile nature of flowers never goes out of fashion and it makes room for the experiment also. This year, silk flowers, unidentified from original ones will remain in focus this year and hence will provide the touch of flexibility while choosing accessories. Polyester made decorative flowers are easier to maintain the current lifestyle. They can be cleaned easily. Using it with glass vases will add to the flexibility and will also complement the surrounding area irrespective of where it is kept in.

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