Factors That Help You Invest in Dubai Property

Below are some reasons that some investors might consider while committing to the Dubai real estate sector:-

Expo 2020

Dubai is the host for next World Expo 2020 in October. It will attract 25 million investors from 180 countries. The announcement of expo 2020 has created a spur in off plan property sector. Investors that will be buying will receive a high return on investment. The duration is of 6 months and millions will rent the property. The rental demand will be high thus landlords will have the flexibility to increase rents.

Happiness Ministry

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The ministry of happiness was created last year. The duty of this ministry is to develop policies and programmes to improve the Dubai residents’ happiness level.

High ROI

The population of Dubai is rising every year and simultaneously the real estate market is maturing. To supply the boost in rent demand, investors that are aware about the situation are purchasing the properties wisely.

Tourism Sector

Tourism Sector

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The economy of Dubai consists of business, trade, tourism and other industries. Infrastructure of new hotels and real estate projects will result in the growth of tourism industry.

Museum of Future

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Visitors experience the future through cutting edge simulations and interactive exhibits here which also includes science conferences and also provide scientific achievement courses and trends. The museum aims on solutions for challenges erupting from climate change i.e. Food security & water supply.

Low Crime Rate

Safety is major benefit of buying property anywhere. In Dubai, minor crimes like stealing wallet are highly unlikely.


Hyperloop one has created a faster route from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. It prepares to launch operational Hyperloop system which would be world’s first to allow passengers to travel between the emirates in pods at 1,200 km per hour. Main aim is to provide transportation for this route in 12 minutes.

Tax Free


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Buying any commercial or residential property doesn’t incur taxes and also additional taxes are nil for the future.

Rising Population

Projects of Property in Dubai will increase because of the growing population every year. According to Dubai Statistics, the demography in January last year was 2.4 million and will reach 5.2 million by 2030.

Entertainment Zones and Restaurants

Unique experiences like desert safari, beaches and luxury spas, skydiving, water parks and yatch communities are offered in Dubai/ wide selection of gourmet restaurants from each region is also what the city offers.


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