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Dubai’s Most Famous Housing Units Disclosed

Dubai’s leading home moving services, Service Market disclosed the trends of their annual moving reports recently which outline the neighborhoods having the highest inflow of new residents in the first quarter of 2017. Thousands of moving requests came each month and they tracked all of them to and from in order to monitor Dubai’s moving trends.

An evaluation of thousands of moving residential requests of Dubai revealed a major shift in the trends of the same. Many of them are moving to suburbs instead of high rise communities.

Housing Units

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This time last year, the data showed the inflow of residents into Downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina which contributed as 19% of the moves of Dubai. Dubailand emerged as the most popular destination having an inflow of 13% followed by Dubai Marina/JBR, Barsha Heights, Downtown and Silicon Oasis. These were the famous areas to move in the first quarter of 2017 along with Sports and Motor city.

Reason for sudden popularity of Dubailand

The year 2017 witnessed a shift in housing trends from dense high rise communities to developed areas like Silicon Oasis and Dubailand, the latter being located off sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed road, which rised from 5th position (5%) to 1st place. While it’s still been under development, it looks like to be on the path of becoming one of Dubai’s most famous areas. The common most residence of Dubailand to move into is Mira Community and after that Reemram Mudon and The Villas.


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The reason behind this can be many like fluctuations in housing trend, involving cheap rents as compared to already established areas like Dubai Marina and downtown, less traffic and appearance of new shopping malls, and other amenities in these suburban areas. There are number of freehold properties ready to be sold in these areas at reasonable prices and lower than the areas of Dubai Marina.

Since last 3 years, areas like   Dubai Marina/JBR, Barsha Heights/The Greens & Downtown has constantly remained in the top 5 in terms popularity. Another suburban area is silicon Oasis which seems to be gaining popularity very soon, shifting from 11th place in first quarter last year to 5th place in first quarter this year. One third of people moved to another property in the same neighborhood they were moving out of. Around 60% of the moving in activities took place in just 10 Dubai areas.

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