Dubai’s ‘Heart of Europe’ soon to Start the Construction of Hotels & Resorts

Featuring luxury villas floating in the cluster of islands brings snow & rain to the world which the European company is developing. Off the coast of Dubai, this company has signed Dh 4.8 billion contracts to commence the construction work on hotels, resorts & infrastructure.


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On Wednesday i.e. 7th Dec, 2016, Kleindienst revealed the 3 appointed companies which are going to start building the infrastructure, hotels & resorts on six islands that are artificial together which will comprise “the Heart of Europe” development.


Picture Courtesy: www.thoe.com

This mega project is a heart shaped island, inspired by Maldives and will going to feature floating seahorse villas of its rooms submerged underwater, lagoons, white sandy beaches, large & white pool with lush gardens. This will be the centerpiece and there will be islands called St. Petersburg, Europe & Germany.


Picture Courtesy: www.nfconstructions.com

A letter of acceptance which formalizes awarding of construction projects worth Dh 4.8 billion was signed between Dubai-based JK Bauen Contracting building & 2 Chinese companies i.e. Sino Great Wall Industry Engineering & Wuchang Ship Building Industry Group on 29th November.


Picture Courtesy: www.thoe.com

The very same companies signed the strategic cooperation agreement and memorandum of understanding earlier in the month.

These three firms are being actively working together to accelerate the mobilization phase of the projects. The deal signing will guarantee an instant start of the construction of resorts, hotels, infrastructure projects on the islands. This is according to Kleindienst.


Picture Courtesy: www.thoe.com

The construction for all the hotels situated at the heart of Europe’s main hub, main Europe Island, building and resort facilities on St. Petersburg island, villas on Germany island and also for the buildings and infrastructure on the other three islands in the project will be carried out when the building firms will join the forces.

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