Dubai Ranks Top in Visitor’s Expenditure Worldwide with $31.3b

According to Global top 20 destination cities by international overnight visitors of 2016, Dubai ranks 4th which is in the top 5 after Bangkok, London, & Paris. Abu Dhabi has become the fastest growing destination of the world and stands 3rd among the international visitors.


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Projected figure of international visitor’s traffic of 15.27 million in 2016, Dubai has jumped to the top rank on the basis of expenditure by visitors of $31.3 billion. This is according to the index of annual MasterCard Global Destination Cities which released on 22nd September, 2016.

The biggest surprise in this year’s index is the jump of Dubai to the top rank exceeding the 2nd ranked London estimated at $19.8 billion.

As per the experts comment, Bangkok is indicated to receive 21.47 million international overnight visitors in 2016, just ahead of 2nd ranked London which is to serve 19.88 million visitors. The British capital has topped the 2015 but it doesn’t say that why some of its shine has worn off for the travelers this year. The 2 cities have topped the ranking for most of its history.


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For rest of the cities includes New York, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo and Seoul.

“The way people travel and spend across the borders reveals how interconnected and significant the world’s cities are,” said the president of International Markets, MasterCard. “As the planning of the trip and experience become increasingly important, MasterCard is bringing all these pieces together through connections and innovation.”

The Index provides more than the ranking of the 132 mostly visited cities around the world. It projects visitor volume and estimates of the expenditure for the 2016 calendar year, while exposing deeper understanding of how people travel and spends across the world. As fast pace of spending and travel across cross-border continue to increases than the world GDP, the cities of the world continue to be engines of wider economic growth.


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The difference between global top 10 and fastest developing top 10 destination cities discloses that Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa have become increasingly significant for the global economic landscape. Many cities on the Index have increasing growth trajectories, revealing the rising interest in both visiting and living in cities, MasterCard said.


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Osaka has shown the fastest growth (24.15 per cent) over last 7 years. Other cities which were forecasted as top 10 fastest growing cities include: Abu Dhabi – 19.81%, Chengdu – 20.14 %, Colombo – 19.57%, Tokyo – 18.48%, Taipei – 14.53 %, Riyadh – 16.45%, Tehran – 12.98%, Xi’an – 14.20%, and Xiamen – 12.93%.

For the first time, the Index explored whether visitors travel for leisure or business as well as insights into how international visitors spend, including of dining, lodging and shopping. 2016 Index shows that among the top 20 cities, more people travel internationally for leisure, except to Shanghai.

Top 20 visitors overwhelmingly spent more on shopping, as opposed to dining, apart from Europe, where meals captures greater share of expenditure in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Istanbul, Milan, Paris, Prague and Vienna.

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