Deira Islands Access Bridge worth Dh150m completed by Nakheel and RTA

Master developer Nakheel has thanked RTA for its support in looking out the construction of new transit worth Dh 150 million between Mainland Dubai with Deira Islands, its new 15.3 square kilometers retail waterfront city. As a part of infrastructure budget worth Dh1 billion at Deira Islands funded and constructed by Nakheel, the bridge is now ready to open as revealed by RTA.


Picture Courtesy: emirates247.com

The chairman of Nakheel, Ali Rashid Lootah says thank you to RTA for their assistance and cooperation in the supervision of construction and completion of the important feature of Deira Island. The bridge is the core part of the currently going infrastructure at the development and that they are very proud to have reached this milestone.  The bridge starts at Al Khaleej Road and leads to Deira Islands A. right now the access is restricted to the construction teams and authorized visitors.


Picture Courtesy: emirates247.com

Deira Island, set to add to the Dubai government’s tourism vision will become world class hub for tourism, leisure, entertainment and retail. The development is expected to increase up to 250000 residents and will build 80,000 new jobs.

The project will add 40 km, involving 21 km stretch of beachfront till Dubai’s coastline and will also consist of around hundred new hotels, apartments, extensive retail, mixed-used buildings and leisure attractions.

Nakheel is constructing 16 residential towers having 5 hotels and 2 serviced apartment complexes with 420000 sq. meter Deira Mall, 5300 outlet night souk, and several marinas at the islands.


Picture Courtesy: emirates247.com

Stage one of the infrastructure work covers 2 out of 4 islands that will make up Deira Islands which completed before time in September this year.

The work included more than a million square meters of soil improvement, 12 km of roads and 44 km of sewage lines. The second stage of the infrastructure is under process.

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