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Corinthia Hotels Of Meydan Group Features Its New Luxury Hotel In Dubai

Luxury Hotels Alongwith Residential Properties Are Latest In The Series Of Mega Developments Ventured By Meydan Group

Corinthia is a group of hotels operating since 1962. They are family inspired business whose timeless family values are the spirit of Corinthia. All Corinthia hotels features business traveler and extensive leisure facilities and are known for their unique characters.

After signing the agreement with UAE based Meydan Group, they are ready for providing services and managing luxury beachfront resort which is currently under construction in Dubai.

Corinthia Hotels Of Meydan Group

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This luxury hotel and residential properties are the latest in mega development series which has been undertaken by the Meydan Group. Meydan Group also owns mixed use leisure and urban developments across several top locations of Dubai on large scale. Partnering with Corinthia Hotels bestows supporting the designing and development with the operation of exemplary resort being built on the site of Meydan Beach club and have strengthened the strategic relationship between both.

Corinthia Hotels Of Meydan Group

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Chairman of Corinthia Alfred Pisani said that they are “extremely proud of announcing their association with the respective Meydan Group and having their first hotel in Dubai. Operating this luxury hotel with the vision, energy and quality of resources which are assembled by Meydan and now also include Corinthia will prove to be a milestone for the Meydan as well as for Dubai”

Corinthia Hotels Of Meydan Group

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The residential properties and luxury hotels of Corinthia at Meydan Beach will comprise of 300 bedrooms and 60 serviced and high-end apartments. The architecture is grand and features stepped podium enveloping profuse, landscaped pools and gardens plunging onto the beach, offering mouth watering dining facilities, extensive indoor and outdoor leisure, plush spas, clubs and banqueting amenities.

A 55 storey apartments comprises of residential facilities including bedrooms, entertainment zone, suites etc. will be onto one side of the terrace, owning the splendid views of spectacular Dubai including Palm Islands and the Dubai Eye.

Corinthia Hotels Of Meydan Group

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The professional designers of America, having 40 years of experience in Middle East are the appointed architects.

Board of Director of Meydan Group said that they are happy to have Corinthia besides them to operate on their new luxury hotels under construction at Meydan Beach. Their main business is to undergo large scale mix use of real estate developments of Dubai and global management of horse racing. They will continue complementing their capabilities in making sure of world class delivery of products and services with their flagship beachside development being the starting point, having Corinthia as their hospitality partner.

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