Are Robots going to Transform and Rule the Future Construction?

Robotics, with its application, has evolved over the years in industries like manufacturing, packaging, etc. Surprisingly, its use is growing significantly and the time when we will finally see them in every industry is just a matter of “when” and not “if”.


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In industries like hospitality or greeting customers in a restaurant & in the banks to get them started, robotics is being used. They may be complex but can do simple tasks like box packing and selling tickets.

In construction industry also, the robots are making big difference. While it has been faced with much technological advancement, it has rapidly increased the productivity, cost and reduced the risk of minor and fatal injuries. Robotics has enough scope in construction industries to handle complex tasks and cut down construction time and quality. It will prevent labors falling from high floors, send real-time project updates and they’ll be well utilized to solve issues on the site.


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 Typical tasks done by humans are undertaken by robots in construction industry like demolishing, scaffolding and many others. It improves the quality, increases productivity and speed. Countries with high or low temperature, it gets difficult for humans because of health risks which slow down productivity. Providing mandatory facilities are not required as robots do the work. However, the work will be limited to repetitive tasks and for decision making, humans can’t be replaced.

The aging population is not been able to provide enough workforces to the construction industry which builds a large gap between the supply and demand of skilled workers effectively handling heavy and sensitive equipment with precision.

Construction companies handling huge and complex projects will use semi-autonomous and autonomous robotic systems eventually in the future which will solve construction issues, increases productivity & safety at the sites and also minimizes cost. Rapid growth is expected in coming 5 to 10 years.


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Although these technological advancements are still at the penetration stages, one of the main debates against introducing robots in construction is will they eradicate humans use entirely?

This might not be the case as robots usage will create employments for monitoring, repairing and programming these machines. Robots can’t replicate the innovation and decision-making ability of humans and there are certain jobs that can only be done by humans. They will be seen working along with humans, side by side building safe construction sites and better developed real estate.

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