6 Productive Ways To Spend The Weekend For A Change

No matter how much you try to spend your weekend in a worthwhile manner you always end up on your couch lazing up and finding out that the next week has already started.

In today’s hectic lives, the weekends are looked forward upon recharging our batteries. It is hard to get off the bed and get going but don’t forget that that activity of interest can be pursued only during this time of the week.

Following are some tips to make the weekend more productive:

  • Planning it out

1-Planning it out@

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Planning it out is better than realizing later. Set aside the tasks you want to do like shopping, meeting friends, house work, catching a movie with the family, etc and allot time accordingly.

  • Ignore Work


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It might be completely difficult for most of us to cut off from work, but it’s essential not to think about it at least one time in a week. Avoid checking calls from work and e-mails. Be away from your laptop as well & feel refreshed as you start your week.

  • Avoid Oversleeping

3-Avoid Oversleeping

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In order to balance the sleep deprived hours over the weekend, you end up disturbing your natural clock. Then you come to know that you have wasted half your day & you also feel dizzy.

  • Become Weekend Champ


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If you are the type of person who can’t exercise during the hectic week, do it over the weekend. Doing exercise 2 days in a week is a lot better than no exercise at all. Even small amount of exercise counts and a 10 minute of workout can add up to a healthy lifestyle. 5-10 years of life span can be increased by leading an active lifestyle.

  • Break the Order


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Break the routine and try variety in your activities rather than sticking to a schedule. Don’t start the day with doing chores but go for a walk & then start doing all the things you have planned. If you don’t want to do exercise, then you can opt for yoga, cycling, aerobics, etc. this way, you would enjoy along with doing cardio.

  • Introspect & Rejuvenate


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Weekends are for rejuvenating yourself, amidst all these chaos. Catch up with a relaxing massage. It is important to see inwards and think about where you want to reach in life & what will be the roadmap. Sit in silence and engage yourself in these thoughts.

So, instead of dreading for the next week’s work, embrace it as a challenge & get started!

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